Akela- a white Himalyan but with her black nose and ears darkening in the winter, she is more of a New Zealand. She loves to chew on her cardboard castle and to our dismay, her carpets.
Andorf (named after the main character in A Stiff Wind Blows) – a chubby brown male Chinchilla (breed). Loves rubs and will climb onto your legs to be pet.
Bailey (alias: Bails) – a handsome brown Lionhead who loves his evening massage and laser treatments .
Calamity (alias: Clams) – a soft white Rex with a few spots on her back who hops about grunting at anyone who tries to touch her without consent.  
Jerry – (alias: Jear-Bear) a brown chinchilla with white marking on his torso along with his front paws. He has developed cataracts in both eyes but still gets around in his pen.
Roosevelt – (alias: Rosers, Little Mister) a small red-eyed white Californian who loves to be held when pet. Very social and LOVES eating.
Sage – (Nancy calls her ‘stinky fish’, though I don’t know why) a soft white Rex with spots running the length of her back. Loves to be pet on her nose and cheeks but on her schedule.
Emma – (alias: Emmers) a fifteen year old Torti who still plays like a kitten. This sweet gal expects her pets and special kitty food, so don’t be late with either.
Momma & Fluffers – Garage dwellers who came in from the cold. The suspected mother and daughter allow pets only when sitting in your lap on the garage steps.