About Author

Gary McConville grew up in Miami, Florida, casually writing unpublished short stories. Lugging degrees in electronics and computer science, he worked in Information Technology in various degrees at Coca-Cola in Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation. He is a founding member and a board director of the Georgia House Rabbit Society. Time split between writing and animal care, this extra-class ham radio operator finds little time for radio sport.

‘Winds of Darkness’, the sequel to ‘A Stiff Wind Blows’ is expected to be published late 2019.

My wife and I currently live with nine rabbits, two of whom are fosters. The penned and litter boxed trained buns occupy a good portion of our crowded living space and there is always one bunny requiring intense doctoring. Lactate Ringers decorate the kitchen cabinet, so our kitchen counter at times resembles a vet’s operating table.

Then there is Sneakers, the sweet lab/chow mix who would rather be outside seeking places to escape from the fenced in yard, and our pet-demanding cat named Emma. Everyone is a rescue, bearing unspoken tales of sordid past lives.